Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lovin' Now:

Stumbled upon shop on Instagram and my breath was taken right away! Their clothes are the kind of clothes I would looooove to wear— trendy, edgy, comfortable, especially this summer season! 

In less than 10 minutes, I was able to pick clothes that I want, while on my train to work, at that! That's how easy it was to add clothes and other stuff in my cart (cos they all look hella great) but choosing a few of what I really reallyyyyy need was damn hard! I wanted to get everything but my wallet would surely cry if I do! lol

Here are my top six picks from cos I can't narrow it down to five! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

1. Love cut-off top
Ahhhh I love the colour combination! And well, who wouldn't like hearts? Sweet!

2. Grid Jumpsuit
One of my go-to outfits is a jumpsuit, especially if I'm feeling lazy to mix and match clothes (which is all the time haha)! My closet has a couple of jumpsuits already but this jumpsuit from is very much welcome!

3. Beige hippie pants
Ohhh these pants can be worn with anything! Light and breezy, too! Available in red and black! I'm seriously considering to get this in all colours haha!


4. Black bodycon skirt with slit
In love with this skirt cos of its simplicity and versatility. It has a side slit which adds some subtle sexiness, which I think is perfect for a day-to-night look!

5. KEEP IT REAL Baseball Cap in Pink
Hair protection against the harsh summer rays, need I say more? And ofc, pink! Yay!♡

6. Cats Print Dress
Purr-fect for cat lovers! But really, how can anyone say no to cats? Ahhhh love! *meow*

Go check's online shop for more! Click <here>
You can use my code SHIMS10 for discounts when you checkout! 

Happy shopping! ♥

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