Sunday, December 20, 2015

Au revoir, autumn!

Comfy  sweaters.
Long socks.
Knit scarves.
Coffee and cocoa.
Clear skies.
Crisp air.
Pretty leaves. 
Scarlet, saffron, and russet.
Blankets and cuddles.
Flushed cheeks.

Ahhhh~ I could rave about autumn on and on for hours and I still would not even have touched the tip of the iceberg! 

I have lived in the Philippines almost my entire life so I am used to summer all year round. But since I moved to Japan two years ago, I came to appreciate the autumn season... oh scratch that, I fell in love with it! Don't get me wrong, I love summer, too- I love ice cream, the salty air, the sun, the beach! But autumn has this magic that I could not deny. Everywhere I look, I see beauty. Who would have thought that "glorious" and "beautiful" could be used alongside "death" and "fall" in a sentence? Oh, autumn! 

Now that the Ginkgo and Momiji trees (and technically other deciduous trees) are shedding their final leaves, I'm starting to feel some sort of autumn separation anxiety, if there is such a thing haha! 

Here are some photos I took here and there; an attempt to vividly remember my autumn affair by.

*photodump alert*

Enjoy! :-)

Mt. Takao Beer Garden

Monkey Park, Mt. Takao
(Photo taken by my beau, Kenji)

 When you see it...
Shinjuku Gyoen

 Docomo Tower as seen from the confines of Shinjuku Gyoen

Green or red? Even plants seem to get "confused", too haha!
Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen

Lovely window view, Tengachaya


Musashino Place Library, Musashino City

Ginkgo trees, Kyonan Fureai Hiroba Park

One gloomy Monday morning, Sakurashinmachi Park

The same tree as that in the photo above. This was what has become of it a few days later. 

Walking along the streets of Wakaba Cho resulted to a shoefie haha! Gorgeous leaves, everywhere~

A random Wakaba Cho street

 Autumn bed ahhh~
Such a gem in our neighbourhood!

 Some momijis, still somewhere in Wakaba Cho

And moooore~

I have so so soooo much love for this season! But if there is one thing I really love about autumn, that  is the very moment when the leaves fall on the ground with the cool breeze as the background, as if telling me, "Oh, just fall and float freely like the leaves. Let the wind take you to where you should be. No worries, child."

Ending this photodump with a clip I recorded during one of my autumn travels in the countryside for more autumn feels~

I hope you all enjoyed autumn as much as I did! 

'Til we meet again, autumn! 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thank You

Yesterday, I lost my pair of eyeglasses on my ride to work. 

But I am grateful.

For the person on the train who could opt to care less on a pair of old eyeglasses on the floor but he/she did and surrendered it to the lost and found section of Mukaigawara station;

For all my fellow commuters who could actually stomp on and crush it into pieces but did not;

For the workmates who offered words of assurance that I will be able to get my eyeglasses back;

For the mother who replied to her worried daughter's messages while on her work break instead of getting coffee (which she usually does) and go far as making inquiries to the station officer in Tachikawa about the lost pair of eyeglasses after work;

For the station officer in Tachikawa station who gave utmost assistance- making calls to numerous stations to locate the missing pair of eyeglasses,  consequently finding out that it might  possibly be in Mukaigawara station;

For the boyfriend who could just shrug it off and go home after a long day at work but accompanied his Japanese girlfriend (who could not speak Japanese) to Mukaigawara station to take a look;

For the station officer in Mukaigawara section who handed the eyeglasses back and assisted with the forms needed to be filled out; and

For the heavens, for showering my path with good people.

It may just be a pair of eyelasses, but still, I am grateful.

Thank you for making me see the world in a new  and brighter light.

A note written by a station officer in Tachikawa re: my lost eyeglasses.