Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sakura Days

The past few weeks have been devoted to sakura- or cherry blossom-chasing. Having been living in Tokyo for almost four years now, I came to learn that those beauties don't last very long, usually two weeks max. A Japanese conversation student of mine taught me the Japanese word hakanai (はかない), which can be used to describe sakura/cherry blossoms for it means fleeting

Weird as it may sound but since I'm such a fan of cherry blossoms, whenever it rains, I literally utter a little prayer to the flower gods if there really are any haha to not take the cherry blossoms away, not just yet. With that said, I took every chance I get to visit a park or just even go outside our house for some sakura fix.  

And everything is historyyyyyy~ 

Here's a sakura photo dump for ya and well, some sakura wisdom sprinkles I've picked up along the way, which I think might be helpful for your soul! Enjoy! ♥


Don't let the thought of a moment being short hinder you from enjoying it. Instead, try to make the most out of it. 


Let loose. Play with the fallen petals. Indulge in that hanafubuki happening right in your very eyes. Even if others find it ridiculous, go for it. 


You are beautiful when you are whole, you are still beautiful even when you are broken. The cherry blossoms are proof. You are beautiful in your own way.


It's okay to be a late bloomer, sometimes. 



Weeeew, that's a lot! And as if it's not enough, I'm gonna end this post with a compilation of sakura clips I was able to take this spring to remember the fleeting yet wonderful sakura days! ♥