Friday, January 1, 2016

Chasing Winter Lights

I have been fond of city lights and lights per se for heaven knows how long. That's why I couldn't help but feel giddy whenever December comes for it means lots of winter illuminations in and around Tokyo! Ahhhh definitely one of the reasons why I don't mind the winter cold!

This year, I challenged myself to visit more illuminations than my usual one per year haha talk about being lazy and I'm just glad I was able to visit five! Yes, five! Hence, this post! :)) 
So without further ado, here are some photos I took as I chase them winter lights! 

 1. Tokyo Midtown Starlight Garden
Before transforming into an outdoor ice skating rink, Tokyo Midtown Garden houses an enormous Christmas illumination. This year's theme Midtown Cruise, boasted of approximately 280,000 LED lights, a vision dome, and scheduled audiovisual mini shows. This illumination made me feel like I'm an intergalactic queen even for just a few minutes! :)) 

So blueeee~

Here's a clip I managed to record when we went there. It's a little shaky though. >_<

Toei Oedo Line, Roppongi Station Exit 8 (direct link)
JR Chiyoda Line, Nogizaka Station Exit 3 (3 minutes)
Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, Roppongi-itchome Station (10 minutes)

2. Meguro-gawa Minna No Illumi
I went here with a few workmates on a weekday so the time I spent here was relatively short. This illumination stretches from Gotanda Station to Osaki Station, lighting up the Meguro River in shades of pink mimicking cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms in winter? Awesome!

You can opt to get off at Gotanda Station and eat some legit curry and nan at Thali-ya, a few minutes walk from the station before heading to see the illumination. They have gorgonzola naan which goes perfectly well with butter chicken curry! Then you can just walk until the end of the illumination, which will bring you to Osaki Station. We did just that!

3. Tokyo Dome City Illumination
Get off at Korakuen Station, cross the street towards Tokyo Dome (it's too huge for you to miss) and voila, you got yourself into a wonderland of lights and sounds! With towering Christmas trees and colourful lights, plus a water symphony show, going here would surely boost your Christmas spirits up!

LaQua Water Symphony

This tunnel plays Exile's Kiminimuchu on loop! My friends and I crazied our way through the tunnel dancing to it haha!


And look who came to town! Santaaaa~

Tokyo Metro Namboku Line /  Marunouchi Line, Korakuen Station
Mita Line, Suidobashi Station

4. Showa Kinen Koen Winter Vista Illumination
I have been to Showa Kinen a couple of times before but this is the first time that I went here on Christmas Day. And it was a good decision that I did! Not only did I witness the beautiful parade of lights but also a good five-minute fireworks display! It also had a themed light display entitled "Attaka-Warmth" in and around the field! Merry Christmas, indeed! 

A Christmas tree made of champagne glasses

Akebono Gate: JR Chuo Line, Tachikawa Station (10 minutes) / JR Tama Urban Monorail, Tachikawa Kita Station (8 minutes)
Nishitachikawa Gate: JR Ome Line, Nishi-Tachikawa Station (2 minutes)

Adult (over 15 years) - 400 yen / Child (6 to 14 years)  - 80 yen / Over 65 - 210 yen

5. Tokyo Tower Winter Fantasy Orange Illumination
Whenever I'm in Roppongi, I always see Tokyo Tower from afar and it has always been magnificent in my eyes. Yesterday was not an exception, especially when it's strikingly orange and everything around it were adorned with lights! The main observatory was also lit up with blue and pink LED lights to match the official event ambassadors, Sanrio characters Kiki and Lala! What a sight to behold! 


Tokyo Tower replica


Metropolitan Subway Oedo Line, Akabanebashi Station  (5 minutes walk to Akabanebashi Gate)
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Kamiyacho Station Exit 1 ( 7 minutes)

I hope your December was as shiny, shimmery, and splendid just like the lights I've chased! 
Happy  winter! 
Happy New Year, too!