Saturday, December 29, 2012


Never thought I'd still receive gifts this Christmas. Age really doesn't matter! :)) Other than the gifts above, there are far more things I am really thankful for- my family and friends who's there through thick and thin, my new-found friends at Nihongo Center Foundation, Inc., and of course, for the gift of life. Thank You, Lord! Happy birthday, Jesus! :)

Joyeuses Fetes!

I just love the Christmas season, well who doesn't? So without further ado, here's how me, my family and some friends spent the most magical time of the year.

December 24
Misa de Gallo then Noche Buena at the old Sevilla home. Forgot to bring thy cam so no pictures for this day.

December 25
Had an early Christmas breakfast at home then went to SM North Edsa-Trinoma for some errands for my cousin's wedding, had lunch there with my aunt and uncle, visited the Hello Kitty Houses, then visited my grandfather's siblings and some relatives, had some drinks with cousins and friends, went to The Cabanas for some more drinks but it was jam-packed so we just went to Mcdo instead.

December 27
Get-together with my first UPLB friends at MOA, Saphie, Tony and Kevs. Had lunch at Yellowcab, tried the 5D Fun Rider at Timezone, bought our NBA friendship socks for some ice skating bonding and then more bonding at Starbucks before heading home. I really had a great tiiiime. :)

December 28
Galura-Dimagiba nuptials at Barasoain Church (see 10-peso bill). I was the lector, yay! Reception at Hiyas ng Bulakan Convention Center followed after. What I loved about this wedding is that it is a very intimate one. I think only about 350 people were invited. It was a traditional church wedding but I was surprised that they let butterflies fly free instead of doves. Best wishes, Ate Mel and her husband! ♥

Barasoain Church

Ate Mel with Tito Jaime and Tita Remedios

Second cousin, Jawo

Reception at Hiyas

With my grandmother


Proud DIMAGIBAs :)

Joyeuses fetes, indeed! Happy holidays, everyone! :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

To Papa Duck

Years ago when I was in my sophomore year in high school, I first met you at the Science Annex Bldg., II-2 room. You were our English teacher. The one who always asks us to write two-stanza-poems in a one fourth sheet of paper. I remember one time you asked me if you could keep my work and publish it in the next issue of The Republic. I was kind of giddy then, ha! Cos not everyone's given the chance to have their writings published. Come the end of second year, you grouped our section in tens for our last project, a newspaper dummy, complete with articles, photos and lay-out. You pointed me as the group leader. Did you know how proud I  felt then to handle the position? But it was nerve-wracking at the same time cos I got zero experience in newspaper-making, technically-speaking. But still you believed that I can. We named our dummy newspaper, La Gazetta, and fortunately landed on the second place past some ten others. I was very happy.

Come fourth year, after years of asking me to join The Republic as a staffer (and drop being a staffer from Ang Malaya, the Filipino counterpart of The Republic in our school), I took the staffer test which composed of on-the-spot news, feature, editorial and sports writing. And I, again felt very fortunate but a bit hesitant to accept the Editor-in-Chief position. But still you believed in my potential. 

I will forever remember the days I was excused in class cos we needed to attend a press conference somewhere in Nueva Ecija or cos of the dry run for the division press con wherein I opted to join the photojourn category, or cos of our newspaper-making duties in The Republic room in the old English Bldg. I will forever remember the day you helped me practice my craft, the torch fire as my subject, and of course, the day you handed me my I.D., with a big red PRESS printed on it. It felt magical.

Sir Bong, I owe you a lot. I wouldn't know my writing potential exists and maybe I wouldn't even have this blog in the first place, if you didn't push me to write and speak my mind out. More than that, thank you for being a father-figure to me back then. You know, I'll forever be grateful to you. I hope you can access my blog up there so that you can read this. Thank you, Papa Duck and may you rest in peace.

Hitori de

Hitoride means alone in Nihongo. And yes, I'm alone sitting and at times rolling on this queen-sized bed in my room on a Saturday. I was supposed to meet some high school friends for a drink but I stayed in for the night, instead. So yeah, let the movie marathon begin!

One Day (2011)
"Twenty years. Two people."
The story seemed to me like A Lot Like Love wherein two people meet every year for twenty years to sort of catch up, but this one's a bit tragic. In One Day, Dexter and Em meets every July 15th. They just found themselves in love one day, however, Em dies of an accident. I wonder if I could tolerate that kind of friendship thing for twenty years. Maybe.

Pitch Perfect (2012) 
"Get pitch-slapped."
Singers and singers-at-heart might love this movie. It's about Beca, a college freshman and aspiring DJ, joining the all-female a cappella group, Barden Bellas, with some love story on the side courtesy of Jesse, from their rival all-male a cappella group, Barden Treblemakers. Favorite scenes were the riff-off and finals. Of course, I also love how the songs were mashed-up. Not to mention, Beca sang Titanium at the dormitory's communal bathroom!

I would really love to spend my days with someone who can carry a tune and has the same musical inclination as mine.

Tonight You're Mine (2012)
"A single night. A million possibilities. One connection."

Watched this cos of the setting: Coachella. I've always wanted to experience the renowned music festival in Scotland, so I think, watching this film is a good start. It's your typical strangers to lovers story of The Make's Adam and The Dirty Pinks' Morello (blame the handcuffs), with a good soundtrack. Personal favorites are You Instead, Keep Yourself Warm and Dark Energy. And oh, I find Adam charismatic, ha!

I love this scene. I think I'll be happy with someone whom I can sing with.
Ahh I love this scene, too. Adam x Morello.

Friday, December 21, 2012


If only you could really use a fail-proof system to know who was worth keeping and who needed to be thrown away. It would make it so much easier to move through the world, picking and choosing what connections to make, or whether to make any at all. 
-What Happened to Goodbye, Sarah Dessen

Not that I already know those who are worthy to be kept in my life cos it's a bit difficult; you can only keep them if they also want to be kept in the first place. But I think I know who not to keep.

I was silent or at least tried to be silent but some people are just too bored, I guess, to provoke someone who's been unresponsive since day one. No, you don't need to flatter me very much. Thanks.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Eat Sing Drink Monday

♫ It's the season to be jolly falalalala-lala-lalaaaa.. 

Christmas is just around the corner and my planner's marked with numerous parties to celebrate the most magical time of the year with. First in line's our Nihongo class Christmas party yesterday at Music 21 Plaza, Jupiter, followed by some girl bonding over coffee and make-up counters and finally, lights and sounds show at Ayala Triangle Gardens! Also, Iza-sensei announced that all of us in class got passing scores in our Nihongo midterm exam! Double celebration, it is!

Elementary 1 class with sensei

Monito Monita

Thanks for the hand and nail cream, Ate Jean!


Our version of Pinoy Henyo haha!

Mirror shot with Ate Laine and Masami!

Giant meiji <3


Haha choco monsterrrrrs!

Nihongo everywhere!

Cos Ate Laine and I got the same color of nail polish! <3

Thank heavens for camera timer!

At Music 21 Plaza's lobby

My Caramello and "Chaton the Cat" phone plug <3

Sweet coffee art at Bo's Coffee <3

Hello, Cor! Thanks for the treat!

At Ayala Triangle Gardens

Lights and Sounds Show

First time haha!

Never thought I'd get along with these people so well cos of the age gap, but fortunately, I did! On the other side of the coin, today, I'm officially on a break til classes resume on the 7th next year! Movie and series marathon starts nowwww! Happy holidays! :)