Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Eat Sing Drink Monday

♫ It's the season to be jolly falalalala-lala-lalaaaa.. 

Christmas is just around the corner and my planner's marked with numerous parties to celebrate the most magical time of the year with. First in line's our Nihongo class Christmas party yesterday at Music 21 Plaza, Jupiter, followed by some girl bonding over coffee and make-up counters and finally, lights and sounds show at Ayala Triangle Gardens! Also, Iza-sensei announced that all of us in class got passing scores in our Nihongo midterm exam! Double celebration, it is!

Elementary 1 class with sensei

Monito Monita

Thanks for the hand and nail cream, Ate Jean!


Our version of Pinoy Henyo haha!

Mirror shot with Ate Laine and Masami!

Giant meiji <3


Haha choco monsterrrrrs!

Nihongo everywhere!

Cos Ate Laine and I got the same color of nail polish! <3

Thank heavens for camera timer!

At Music 21 Plaza's lobby

My Caramello and "Chaton the Cat" phone plug <3

Sweet coffee art at Bo's Coffee <3

Hello, Cor! Thanks for the treat!

At Ayala Triangle Gardens

Lights and Sounds Show

First time haha!

Never thought I'd get along with these people so well cos of the age gap, but fortunately, I did! On the other side of the coin, today, I'm officially on a break til classes resume on the 7th next year! Movie and series marathon starts nowwww! Happy holidays! :)