Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tokyo Tour: Tokyo Tower

Since my childhood friend is also in Japan, we agreed to tour Tokyo and do some tourist-yyy stuff. We met up at Tachikawa Station since it's the only place I think I know how to go to from our house in Wakaba Cho. So from Tachikawa Station, we rode the rapid train to Shinjuku Station, which is by the way, a huge one. My friend said she once got lost in that station for an hour! Haha! I don't know what kind of planning the Japanese did regarding train stations; subway trains, monorails, rapid trains, and the normal trains fit in one! Amazing, ain't it? :B 

Shinjuku Station map.

So from Shinjuku Station, we rode a subway train to Akabanebashi. Tokyo Tower is a few minutes walk from the subway station. In fact, the tower can be seen right away when you step out of the station. And yes, you can imagine me giggling just at the sight of it! Hihi! :>

First stop, Tokyo Tower. It is a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris but is said to be taller. :)
The view from the subway station. 
Getting closer. :>

At the tower's foot.

Koi balloons, I think? Heheee. Took this while waiting for my turn at the ticket line.
We decided to just go at the Main Observatory which is 150m above. The Special Observatory's got a separate fee. And yes, it's a couple of meters higher. 

When the elevator which brought us from the ground floor to the Main Observatory opened, I saw this immediately. What a lovely version of Tokyo Tower! <3
I don't know what this is called but I heard it's like the lock thing in Korea wherein visitors may fasten two locks for a happy relationship. Here, instead of locks, are wood carvings in hearts and towers. Tokyo Tower's tag line is Love Power Spot (I saw this written on the shelf where the Tokyo Tower version above is placed), after all! :)

My brother before throwing a coin and making his wish.

Overlooking Tokyo. The roads look like a star to me. :)

Another view from the Main Observatory.
My childhood friend, Aira.
The tower has lookdown windows for a view all the way down. Here's my brother, Masato. :)

The view from the lookdown window.
Tokyo Tower post cards sold for about 200 Yen each at the Main Observatory's souvenir shop . There's a coffee shop and a club named Club 333 in the first floor of the Main Observatory, too. Brilliant idea is brilliant! :))

After roaming around the the first and second floors of the Main Observatory, we went down the ground floor cos the three of us were really hungry. Good thing there's a handful of restaurants and fastfood there. And there's a little amusement park for children, too. Kawaiii! :)
Bye, Tokyo Tower. Til we meet again! :)
Next stop: Zojoji Temple