Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Back in high school, an automatic camera and a film roll were enough. I was taught how to operate the camera, correctly put the film in it, point and shoot subjects with stories, write captions and layout newspaper pages. High school photojournalism, it is. I chose joining that category over writing editorials in press cons because I guess, I want my readers not only be spoonfed by my own words but also by their own perspectives as well, hence the role photos portray. 

From automatic film cameras, to digital cameras, to SLRs then DSLRs, oh how everything changes. I wonder if  campus journalists are now allowed to use those high-tech cameras for the photojourn event in press cons. 

Okay, there's no point in reminiscing too much. I just want to share some test shots from my Nikon D3100, which, by the way, is more complicated for an automatic camera-slash-digicam baby like me. 

I hope my shots progress as the days pass by. Might as well study basic photography during my spare time, eh? Oh, plans. Got any tips for me? :-)