Monday, May 21, 2012

10 Random Alyssa Facts

1. I am caffeine-dependent. Drinking a cup of coffee marks the start of my day; I usually have one to three cups. Plus glasses of lemon tea or iced tea.
2. I am more of an ice cream person than a chocolate person. Vanillaaaaa.
3. I have this peppermint essential oil and burner set which I use while reviewing for exams because I heard it can help improve concentration and mental clarity.
4. I had a pet rabbit and I named her Cinnamon, all for my love for, well, cinnamon rolls. 
5. I wear eyeglasses because I need to-- 3.25 left eye and 3.50 right eye, plus astigmatism.
6. Back in my violin recital in 2004, I wasn't able to memorize the notes of the last few songs we needed to play so I wrote those on my left palm. *grin*
7. I was awarded as "Best in Pancake Cooking" during our grade school leadership training.
8. I wore a white yukata on my second birthday.
9. My current laptop, digicam, cellphones, flash disk and external hard disk drive are all in hot pink.
10. I am fond of watching Asian dramas.

Random Fact # 8 

It's already 4:14AM here in Tokyo and I still cannot find my way to slumberland, hence, this random facts entry, which I see in almost every blog that I follow both here in Blogspot and in Tumblr. Joining the bandwagon, it is.   Comment down yours, yes? :-)