Monday, May 21, 2012

Annular Solar Eclipse 2012 in Tokyo

A college major-mate and friend who is fond of astronomical shizz messaged me on Facebook weeks ago to inform me of the annular solar eclipse this 20th to 21st of May. Days have passed and I surely forgot about it. But my mother came to the rescue. Still at work (cos she's in night shift), she called the sleeping me a little before seven o'clock in the morning just to remind me of the solar eclipse and take pictures of it. Since our house is on the third floor of the danchi, I just took the shots from our veranda. However, I don't think I got good photos. My amateur photog skills says sorry. :\

Annular solar eclipse, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) website, is a type of solar eclipse with which [the] moon's antumbral shadow traverses the Earth (moon is too far from Earth to completely cover the sun.

According to Moongiant's website, maximum phase is when the Sun appears as a blindingly bright ring surrounding the moon. I just don't know if this is it, or not. Hahaha.

I hope I can witness more eclipses in the years to come, whether it's solar or lunar, partial, total or annular. :)

P.S. I'll keep in mind to put X-ray filters before taking eclipse pictures so it won't end up like those above. HAHA. :))