Monday, May 14, 2012

Mama's Day

Yes, I got to spend mother's day with Mama again after how many years, three or four? And I'm way too happy, really happy that for this year I could greet her in person instead of settling for an edited photo and tagging her afterwards, which by the way, is what I was doing for the past years that we're apart. Teehee.

We had lunch at a cozy underground yakiniku place near Tachikawa Station and then had coffee afterwards at Caffe Veloce.

Hi, Mama! Happy Mother's Day! ♥

I had so much fun grilling meat! Haha! 

They served us organic rice, bean sprouts with cucumbers and nori soup. Yum yum!

I have no pictures at Caffe Veloce, but yeah, it's pretty much the same when I first went there. Their cafe au lait is delicioso (so kahit parang puro oldies andon, gora pa din ako)! <3

And because it's Spring and still chilly, I wore denim shorts over textured stockings in polka dots for the first time. I'm developing a love for textured stockings and tights since Mama brought me three pairs (which I intend to use one of these days). My love for Keds, however, has always been and will always be there. 

Keds CH Jute CVO in Teal, random gray chained sling bag and denim distressed shorts, and  polka dot textured stockings from Claire's .

Here's our gift for Mama. It only costs ¥400, cheap but made with love. Mehehehe! :)) Forgive my crappy water color pencil-ing skills though. :))

A very simple day yet it's one of those days that I'll forever treasure. Happy Mother's day to all the moms in the world!  :-)