Monday, May 21, 2012

26 Days Early

My pink Casio Exilim Z400 digicam, a gift from my mother during my debut, gave up on me last semester that's why I borrowed my zunt's Sony Cybershot digicam for academic purposes; taking pictures of specimen and microscopic slides in my laboratory classes. Being a Zoology major requires one to memorize and understand tissues, cells, muscles, and blah blah blah. Having a camera in hand makes my life fuss-free whenever I can't remember which part of the specimen is this, which part is that. 

So when I went here in Tokyo, I brought my Casio digicam, thinking that it can be fixed since it's here where it was bought in the first place. Yes, I really love that cam so much. The thing is, my mother lost the receipt with which the customer service address and number are printed. So, I don't have any idea if it'll be fixed before I get back to the Philippines this coming June.

However, life always has its own way of surprising people. I got mine two days ago, 26 days earlier for my 21st birthday. From digicam to DSLR? Who am I to refuse? :-)

My new baby <3

Thank you, Mama for this early birthday gift. I'll take good care of this, promiiiise! <3 :* :* :*