Sunday, February 7, 2016

19th Japan Media Arts Festival

Finally had some free time so I went to the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival in The National Arts Center, Tokyo!

*confetti-tears-more confetti* 

The said festival is an exhibition of the award-winning works classified under media arts, which were selected from 4, 417 entries of talented Japanese and foreign artists from 87 countries. The Special Exhibition Gallery 2E were partitioned according to various media arts divisions: art, manga, entertainment, and animation, with a bonus area on special achievement awards.  

Wanna hear some good news? Admission is free and the exhibit runs until February 14th in various locations in Tokyo! Plenty of time left so don't miss it, people! I suggest, go forth and savor free but great works of art! I just did *hurrah* and here are random photos from the event plus some photos from another exhibition also at the confines of The National Arts Center, Tokyo! :-)

Made it! Hurrah! :-)

Festival guide book

Special Exhibition Gallery 2E, Art Division

Anime version of yours truly hahaha *,*

Wutburger, a video installation of a German dealing with "personal anger and individual failure" by Andreas Lutz and Christoph Grunberger

Ultraorbism by Marcel-li Antunez Roca
A video installation of gigantic yet detailed drawings

Drawing Operations Unit: Generation 1 by Sougwen Chung

50. Shades of Grey (Grand Prize)
This is one of the five laser prints of codes on paper and is accompanied by monitors showing the product of the codes =  the 50 shades of gray.

As I See You See Me by Takahiko Iimura (Special Achievement Award)

           Found a related Vimeo video 

Game consoles!
I remember I had the leftmost one when I was a kid! What did you have? :))

Kakukaku shikajika (So and so, such and such) by Akiko Higashimura
Original manga drawings and storyboards

Ahhhhh! Too many  to see in one go! But I enjoyed! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to record a video of the Solar Pink Pong which I enjoyed "playing" haha! Be sure to look for it when you go! *wink*

I know this post is already too long but I want to include photos of more (colourful) works of art from another exhibit in The National Arts Center. Here they are~

The Cycle of Reincarnation


Oni! Very timely for Setsubun haha!


Looks like Strawberry Pocky to me! :))

With some anorexic woman...

Spheres... and more spheres!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! 
More so, I hope you have made the most of your weekend! 

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