Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hitori de

Hitoride means alone in Nihongo. And yes, I'm alone sitting and at times rolling on this queen-sized bed in my room on a Saturday. I was supposed to meet some high school friends for a drink but I stayed in for the night, instead. So yeah, let the movie marathon begin!

One Day (2011)
"Twenty years. Two people."
The story seemed to me like A Lot Like Love wherein two people meet every year for twenty years to sort of catch up, but this one's a bit tragic. In One Day, Dexter and Em meets every July 15th. They just found themselves in love one day, however, Em dies of an accident. I wonder if I could tolerate that kind of friendship thing for twenty years. Maybe.

Pitch Perfect (2012) 
"Get pitch-slapped."
Singers and singers-at-heart might love this movie. It's about Beca, a college freshman and aspiring DJ, joining the all-female a cappella group, Barden Bellas, with some love story on the side courtesy of Jesse, from their rival all-male a cappella group, Barden Treblemakers. Favorite scenes were the riff-off and finals. Of course, I also love how the songs were mashed-up. Not to mention, Beca sang Titanium at the dormitory's communal bathroom!

I would really love to spend my days with someone who can carry a tune and has the same musical inclination as mine.

Tonight You're Mine (2012)
"A single night. A million possibilities. One connection."

Watched this cos of the setting: Coachella. I've always wanted to experience the renowned music festival in Scotland, so I think, watching this film is a good start. It's your typical strangers to lovers story of The Make's Adam and The Dirty Pinks' Morello (blame the handcuffs), with a good soundtrack. Personal favorites are You Instead, Keep Yourself Warm and Dark Energy. And oh, I find Adam charismatic, ha!

I love this scene. I think I'll be happy with someone whom I can sing with.
Ahh I love this scene, too. Adam x Morello.