Wednesday, April 26, 2017

MIND FART #16: Four Years

Four years... yes, it has been four years since I was out in the open, the real world, they say. It's as if the years prior were nothing but a good old inside joke that you only remember when you are old and gray, sitting on a rocking chair, reminiscing. But I guess it was a big joke for real (for me) because as cliche as it may sound, the thought of having my previously easier and more comfortable situation back is every inch tempting.

Who wouldn't wish to be back in a very comfortable situation of not being required to "adult", 24/7? Think, no rent/pension/health insurance bills and taxes to pay. Oh, I'd definitely want to be back in the time when I wouldn't need to think of everything all at once but my coming exams and requirements (plus college drama and the in between, which mind you, were difficult times, too but at least not as difficult as the present haha), the next frat/soro party I would attend, my stubborn Physiology group mate, or even ways of getting over an unrequited love and picking up the pieces of a shattered heart.   

Who would wish to be a robot in a sea of robots streaming in and out of the train station, rushing, always rushing, wanting to slow down but cannot slow down because of the fear of being stepped on or ran over by that very sea?

But you know what, I think it's good. This is good. This is okay. I am okay.

Sure, where I am now is different from where I used to be, place- and time-wise, but it's okay. Because this is where growth is. I am growing. Uhhh well, I'd like to think that way. 

And you, too. Even if you think you're going nowhere and you think you haven't had your life figured out yet (like me), it's okay. No one has, anyway. 

As long as you're living the life you've been given, and you continue to thrive how harsh the conditions may be, I think you're fine. We're fine.

And since this post started mainly because of me seeing a Facebook memory from my university graduation back in the Philippines, here are snippets I've unearthed from my college folder. Reminisce with me. ❀

Hope you got something from this post and enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing and reminiscing, on my train to work! ♥