Thursday, March 23, 2017

MIND FART #15: A Strawberry Shortcake Realization

I don't really eat cakes unless it's my or someone's birthday... or if I go to a cafe and the only options I have to ease my grumbling tummy are cakes and the like. Last Monday, I've had strawberry shortcake for breakfast, sakura cheesecake for afternoon snack, and strawberry shortcake with pistachio cream filling for dessert after dinner. Am I turning into a cake monster? Ha.

But I didn't just write this entry to let you guys know what cakes I ate some days prior to this post or what my recent favorite cake is which obviously is strawberry shortcake haha. It's just that while I was gloriously enjoying every bite of my third cake (of the day) while contemplating on random things happening in my life lately, there was a sudden snap and a thought came to me:

Destruction is beautiful.

Destruction is beautiful, too. How odd it was to think that way while eating strawberry shortcake? A little odd? Very odd? 

As for someone like me who likes taking photos of almost every thing intact and perfect before I literally put my hands on it (or maybe "terrorize" is a more apt term), food, trinkets, and whatnot, I was caught off-guard. Maybe it was the sugar rush from the cakes I ate or something, but it was a relatively new idea for my system that I am willing to accept.

It was this point that abovementioned realization came to me. Good thing I took a photo of the cake before I "terrorize" it haha

Do you see what I mean now?

No? Oh well, even if you don't, please do yourself a favour and bear in mind that destruction isn't always synonymous to ugly or something lesser than beautiful. It can also mean beautiful... like the strawberry shortcake... like the almost-empty plate above. 

So, no matter how broken or devastated you feel right now, it doesn't and it won't make you less beautiful. You are "beautiful in your own broken way", as the cliche saying goes. 

And you know what? There's more. If ever you decide to be whole again, if ever you want to be whole again, you can, too. Do so, be so, by all means ー just like the kintsukuroi /きんつくろい pieces that were once broken but are still or better yet more beautiful when reconstructed, regardless of the presence of the marks they previously had.

Remember, you are and you will still be beautiful, with or without battle scars, darling. ♡