Friday, March 18, 2011

Puppy love

Chit-chatted with roomie over handouts and TVD re: first boyfriend.

Yeah, I was the one who brought it up, oh well, at least my unconscious comment on Stefan giving flowers to Elena in an episode. Then the chat went longer until we found ourselves reminiscing high school and even early college days. It went on even the present but hey, it was out of the first boyfriend context so I might as well drop it off. I don’t wanna remember anything that hurt. A thing of the not so distant past.

So back to my first boyfriend. That was years ago in fourth year high. He courted me for like seven months then we got together and lasted for only two months and then poof. He has a height fit for a cager (yes, he’s one; the team captain ball), he is dark and manly, too, I guess. He’s kind, as well as his family. They’re good to me and sweet. As for the thought of us being a couple? They welcomed it wholeheartedly. Unlike my family whom I kept “us” a secret. They’re a bit conservative regarding relationship thingies so there, to make the long story short, they don’t like the idea of me having someone to call as my boyfriend, not until college’s finished. I found it unreasonable that time so hell yeah, I broke their rule and kept it a secret. My brother knew of it, my classmates, my friends and my cousins knew it as well. My parents didn’t and so my grandparents. They’re not a fan, really.

Well, there. I just spilled it. I just felt the need to write this. Wherever he may be now, I would like to apologize for the nth time around for letting him down, for just walking away, for not giving chances, for being selfish. Maybe I was just too young back then. I never really had the chance of saying my thanks to him for everything he’s done for me four years ago, maybe this will do, as for the moment. I think he’s happy now and I’m glad he is. :)