Monday, January 30, 2012

Double Happiness

Imagine how happy I am upon receiving an invitation from Kate, a new friend, or scratch that -- I've known her years ago but it's just these past few months that we got close. Haha. So the invitation says that it's a joint celebration: Kate's son Gab's christening at the Basilica Minore and her birthday bash at a nearby clubhouse. And of course, without hesitations, I went! :)

Got no pictures during the baptismal rites, boo. Here are the pictures at the reception, instead.

The gang, minus me (cos I took this shot). Huhu.

Hello, baby Gab! :)
I love everything in this plate! *nomnom*

"Burned calories" through cam-whoring. Haha.

On me: Redhead polka-dot and khaki overalls, mocha belt, Solemate mustard flats

The birthday mommy, Kate. :)
With the adorable Gab. :)

Kate's birthday bash afterwards! Yay!

Got home past 12MN, dripping. All of us were soaking wet cos the guys were too game enough to showcase their muscles; they even considered throwing us into the swimming pool. Ha. Nevertheless, it was fuuuuun! :)

How was your day? Feel free to hit me bout it! Til next post! :)