Saturday, June 23, 2012

Forever 21

Albert's carbonara.♥

Happy birthday, self! :)


Hello, Albert, Margaret and busy singing Gimoy.

L-R: Margaret, Weong, yours truly, Tin

Grade 6 seatmate, Jansen.

Bestfriend since high school, Albert.

"Alyssa Shimode chocolates". HAHAHA. Hachiya gave me a box of these as a farewell present a day before I went back to the Philippines. Deliciosooo.

This post is late but I wanted to immortalize this point in my life. I turned twenty one! Yay! And of course, being a firm believer that with age comes wisdom, I am nothing but happy and hopeful that being a year older would mean more experiences, friends, travels, and yes, wisdom.

My birthday celeb is a bit intimate; I spent it with my closest friends (and some new ones) over carbonara, tequila and videoke. Though simple, it's one of the few birthdays I'll forever treasure. And yes it's my last birthday here in the Philippines. *sobs*

This day's just pure awesomeness. Thank You, Lord, for blessing me with another year, with these people.♥