Monday, August 27, 2012

Of Bells and Rings

A couple of weeks ago, I received an SMS from a close friend telling me to go home in time for another friend's wedding. "He's 22 for heaven's sake!" was my initial reaction. But then I went aww seconds after. The bride-to-be invited me to a Facebook event page and days after, the invitation was sent. I felt giddy and everything it's as if I'm the one who's about to get married! Haha! So much of me being emotional, let's get it on with the wedding per se.

The invitation
Third wheel moment with Allysa Claire and Jorel :P
Cute flower girls :)

Second entrance, reception at Hiyas ng Bulakan Convention Center

Hello, Table 13 mates! :))

Forever photo-bomber = Melo
Tsk! Hi, grade 5-6 seatmate, Jansen! :))

Allysa wearing Gian's wedding coat yayayay! :))
Height check, rawrrr!
Sweeeet. :3 Kayo na next? :))

Alyssa and Allysa. ♥
The groom. Hi, Gian! Congraaaats! :)

Definitely, one happy night. For the newly weds, stay in love! We got your back!♥