Friday, October 20, 2017

Life, Lately: Rainy Days and Fridays

I totally suck at blogging and having a fixed blogging schedule, ha. Well, my schedule is like a haystack. But hey, I'm trying. Sometimes I feel like abandoning things I've started but there's always a second thought— what if they work? What if I can juggle them along with more important responsibilities if I only try hard enough?

And so I retract. Thoughts of just concentrating on one thing is just lurking around the corner, though. But if there's one thing I'd come to know about myself these past few years, I'm a jill-of-all-trades and of course as the saying goes, I'm a master of none. Maybe the culprit is me wanting lots of things and so I aways end up weathered and withered after numerous tries of everything. But can you blame me? The world is beautiful and magical and awesome most of the time that I wanted/still wanting every piece and slice it has to offer. Do you have those thoughts, too? Tell me something about it. Help me, haha.

Anyway, I think all that I'm doing now is an attempt to try everything I can in the span of time I'm given; I'm doing lots of things because I don't wanna miss out on vital opportunities and experiences that would eventually and *hopefully* enhance, if not change me into a person of maximum capacity. Also, they make me happy. Don't you do things in an attempt to find happiness? 

As I've said earlier, the world is beautiful buuuuut sometimes it can be harsh. There are days when I feel like the world is trying to pick a fight with me heh~ But I realized, it's all about how I react to those things that'll count. And so I am battling those with happiness- happiness I have in myself and happiness around me waiting to be discovered. 

I hope you can find it in your heart to seek for and welcome happiness whatever form it comes to you. And if you do, share them with people who matter and maybe to people who you think might be of need. A little help won't hurt but it will brighten up the load of many. ♡

P. S. Thinking about it, maybe it's okay to be a jill-of-all-trades master of none than to be a master of one. *wink*

Happy rainy Friday from Tokyo!
Alyssa ❁