Sunday, December 10, 2017


I was sorting my socks, contemplating on which to keep and which to throw. I have a hundred and seven pairs.

And I told you I have a hundred and seven pairs. Too many for a pair of feet, eh?

"Well,  I think I have lots of everything than necessary. I should save up instead of buying duplicates." I said.
You agreed and asked why did I buy lots before.

Instant happiness, maybe? Thinking about it, how sad was I before to acquire these myriad of thingamajigs and whatnot?

"I'm glad you are happy now", you said.

"Me, too."

Artworks from unknown artist/s at the Tokyo International Art Fair 2017 (Photo by me)

Bliss (Photo by Kenji)

Summer flowers (Photo by me)

P.S. What makes you happy? Ask yourself this everyday. Make a conscious effort to seek for it, for no one can truly do it for you except you.