Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Agaetis byrjun

I have read somewhere that it means “a good beginning”. Just timely. Maybe this really is the start that I am yearning for months now. The waiting and the so-so starvation (coined by a good friend) days have ended. I have never felt so ready for love again during these past few months, not until now. I do not exactly know why it is just now that I am feeling this, but maybe it is because I have finally come to accept the facts wholeheartedly. We were taught, or rather, the whys and what ifs are a little generalized to be always clouding the mind, never in any way can be buried and always there haunting the thoughts until answered. In my case, the whys and what ifs were not answered by the other person involved; it is I who stood up to answer my own questions since the other is too much of a preoccupied gutless sloth to answer. I have wasted the last five months of my life trying to get him to say a thing and I think that is enough. Sometimes, assuming helps, really. So nevermind the last few sentences. I am just glad and more of relieved thinking that from this day on, I will be okay. When I say okay, the true okay minus the pretensions. Ay, I cannot wait to really live my own life without someone’s shadows blurrying my sight. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I am ready to love again. :)