Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To you who stole my ice cream

I may be silent but I haven’t, for a second, stopped thinking why you’re acting like a total w**** when we’ve agreed on making the past, past. Yes, it’s true that to be happy, you must kick your ass to find your own happiness; that if it’s just around the corner, you must go and grab it. But it ISN’T always the case. THAT ISN’T ALWAYS THE CASE. How if that happiness is in its perfect place already? Let’s just say happiness is a vanilla ice cream with marshmallows and fudge and it’s on the hand of a little girl wearing a silk dress. You’re standing in an area that you can easily grab what she’s holding at the moment. Will you still grab it blindly just for your sake? I say, you MUST NOT. Or else I’ll think of you waving a red flag.

I’m so over being kind to you. I’m sick of it. You’re making my capillaries burst.