Sunday, November 27, 2011


More often than not, I am a fan of the truth. Well, who isn't? I prefer having to face the truth head on even if it means getting myself hurt than have it otherwise. Yes, I cringe at the sound of truth as it comes swooshing by, but yeah, it's better than the fake ecstatic echoes of misleading lies.

That was before.

These past days, I felt so tired of putting up with all the bullshits accompanying my not-so-exciting-life. I don't care about the truth nor the lies. To tell you honestly, I am not so sure which of what I knew is the truth or not. And maybe, even if I thought of a lie as the truth and vice versa, if it doesn't put too much a trouble (in my perspective), I won't be too alarmed and maybe just shrug it off. I see things, keep my mouth shut about it and then I create reasons (or doubts) for each and every truth or lie those people feed me. And by doing that, I understand. 

Then I realized, I was becoming a wallflower little by little, bit by bit.

I want to stay out of the spotlight. And I don't know until when.

Anjia Nemi's Wallflower