Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Night-out Like No Other

Thursday nights in LB are pretty much synonymous to booze nights where most students take some acad time off to party and just be merry; more of a detox brought about by mind-boggling (and draining) exams, piles of reports, not to mention professors getting on our nerves . Being in my fifth year already, it's just last year that I joined the party people bandwagon and I never regret joining it despite the many hangovers and glitches I have had encountered since. Screw what others say, I am happy.

Last November 24 was just another Thursday night. A known fraternity held their annual event at Java Avenue which they called Class Recess 6: Stoplight Party 2. Yeah, you got it right, a party with beers and unlimited mixed drinks, typical of LB. But what made it special (in my perspective) is the people who spent the night with me: Ninong Jordan (who went all the way to LB from Taft), Ninang Kim, and Inaanak Bryan -- UP Cells lineage loves.♥

At around 8PM, Ninong Jordan arrived at LB and had dinner with Ninang Kim and I at KFC Grove. We then went to our respective apartments to change into party clothes since the organizers suggested green, yellow and red outfits for the party, being single, it's complicated, and taken as its meanings, respectively. I wore red (though I'm not taken) for the love of thyself. Haha. :))

Since we're still waiting for Bryan (still at his dance training), the rest of us decided to have some chitchat over coffee at Coffee Blends. And because it's getting late and Bryan is still out of sight, we fetched him at their training venue and waited for him there. We just engaged in picture-taking to kill time. Haha.
With (Lolo) Ninong Jordan at Coffee Blends
Ninong Jordan and Ninang Kim
Lineage loves at OUR, UPLB
L-R: Ninong Jordan, Ninang Kim, yours truly, Inaanak Bryan

Party proper at Java Avenue

Had so much fun, really! Went home at around 2AM and slept with a smile on. :)