Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ten Is Better Than None

Ever since college started, my high school classmates and I fortunately manage to get together thrice a year: summer, semestral break, and Christmas break. Last year's Christmas party was a blast; most of my classmates who were still here in the country back then were able to attend. But this year's party, I cannot help but be quite sad. Only ten of the fifty made it. Good thing, the ten of us pulled through and yeah, we were able to enjoy each other's company despite our number. 

First things first, we trolled (Hihi :P) our way into the busy lanes of Puregold in search of pasta sauce, cold cuts,  sodas and everything Aldrin, the chef-in-the-making, needs for his soon-to-be masterpieces. Then off we went to Jem's place, the Christmas party venue, at St. Agatha Homes, Guiguinto, Bulacan. 

L-R: Kim, Jem, Yeyen, Kennet, yours truly

Hi thurr, Paul!

We talked at just about anything, from I Am Number Four to manga to stocks and Forex while Aldrin and Lian were busy cooking. They prepared spaghetti, chorizo, hotdogs, and super chocolate ice cream with caramel. Aldrin actually asked me to test-taste, yay!

Kim and Paul

With the salutatorian of our class back then, Kim

With Jem, the house owner

Spent the rest of the day playing Taboo, Pinoy Henyo and Pass the Message Polvoron Edition. Twas epic! Got too many laughs! Teehee! :)

Left Jem's place sometime past seven cos Albert, thy bestfriend, fetched me for dinner and yeah, Allysa and the gang's waiting for us at The Cabanas for some drinks. Happy twenty-third of December, indeed! :)

*Pictures grabbed from Lian Manahan. Edited by yours truly.