Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Making Up For The Lost Times

In case you have read my earlier post about the after-four years dinner I and my blockmates shared, this is its sequel. Otherwise, you might want to read this first before continuing. :-)

Sooo, besides December 16 being the first day of our Christmas break and Simbang Gabi, it's also the day of our visit to Nalie's somewhere in Bacoor, Cavite. We agreed to meet-up at McDonalds' Vega at eight o'clock in the morning, but none of us was able to comply except for the early bird Antonio. I arrived at the meeting place with Danica, Bea and Claire almost one hour late. And since we haven't eaten any breakfast yet and Prince (our blockmate-slash-driver for the day cos he's the only one whose car is available) hasn't showed up, we decided to satisfy our aching tummies with something before we go. Antonio, being game for anything, left for their home to get some clothes cos he was informed just then that we'll be staying overnight at Bea's in Balayan, Batangas after our visit to Nalie's. 

Mcdo saved the morning! 

Forgive the just-woke-up eyes. o.o

With Claire and Danica <3
Heavy-packers, yes we are. Haha. While waiting for Prince. 

Hello, Prince! 
Goofing around. Hihi. :))

Stop-over at South Luzon Expressway (SLEX)

Another one...

...and another. <3

Before heading to Nalie's, we fetched Bernice (another blockmate) at SM Center Molino after getting lost for a couple of times. Maybe we were too excited for this trip that we haven't even thought of consulting Google Maps considering that it was a first. Lesson learned, yes? :))

Late lunch at Mang Inasal's. Hi, Danica, Prince and Bea! :)

Yours truly, Antonio, Bernice, Ielle and Claire
Finally, Bacoor. We made it! And so the chit chatting marathon began. Nalie's expected to give birth on the 31st of December. Hang on there tightly, first-ever-baby-of-the-block!♥

Soon-to-be-mommy, Nalie


We left Nalie's house past six o'clock in the evening. Next random destination:  Tagaytay. We asked, wait scratch that, we kind of bullied Antonio which led him to treating each of us coffee. Heaven! :)) Buuuut, to cut my happiness short, Prince left his car keys inside the car itself. We waited for two hours for his ever-supportive dad to bring the spare keys all the way from Laguna. Two freaking hours in shorts. Literal brain freeze and yeah, body freeze. HAHAHA.

With Ielle in front of Starbucks

The only picture Prince had in Tagaytay. Next time, blocmate. :))

Woot, solo. <3


Ielle, Antonio, yours truly

Danica, Claire, Bea and Ielle


Bought the beanie I'm wearing for only 150php. Cheap buy. :)

Antonio, Claire, yours truly, Danica

After literally "chilling" in Tagaytay, we then headed to Balayan, Batangas, merry, as if nothing happened. The fruit of good company, I guess. In more or less two hours, we're in Balayan already! And food courtesy of Bea's mom welcomed us! Yay! Hurray for a wonderful midnight "snack"! Then after that came more chichat over liquor and cards. Bonding 101. :))

Woke up at aroung ten in the morning, Claire and Ielle nowhere in sight. I've learned that they left hours ago. Killjoy, much. >:P Anyways, we left Bea's house after lunch but before that...

Bea's lovely bench. So lovely we had to take many pictures! <3

Before heading home, Prince brought us (Danica, Antonio and I) to his grandmother's house in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. We stayed there briefly; got the chance to meet Prince's cutiepatootie grade school cousin who's addicted to PSP. :))

'Tis one of the best out-of-town trips I ever had. Will definitely go back to Balayan, with 'em again, of course. Love you loads, superblockmates! ♥

This post's title is similar to the title of the album I uploaded on Facebook a couple of days ago. I believe the trip was all about that: making up for the lost times.