Sunday, December 11, 2011

Of Friends, Flying Lanterns, and Letting Go

Not being able to get a hold of a even a single lantern at Banchetto Megatent last 11-11-11 was a bit disappointing. I am fascinated by hot air balloons (and sadly, I've never ridden one) and flying lanterns I guess, are the nearest substitutes. That's why when I heard that our college student council organized a segment at the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Fair that will make use of flying lanterns, I became ecstatic. I readily reserved a lantern! It just cost me 80php since I was a member of a CAS organization. The lanterns are sold for 100ph for outsiders.

So December 9 came swooshing by. Yes, it was the day of the fair. It rained the whole day and I was worried that the lantern flying segment would be dropped from the program. I was thinking of still getting my reserved lantern and just do the lighting thing alone once the rain has stopped at the confines of the dorm where I'm residing for roughly two years now. But hell yeah, the rain stopped just in time! And I knew, I just knew that this night would be lovely. :)

Our organization set up a booth where hotdogs and Graham cakes were sold for everyone in the fair. The booth was also where kwento exchanges, as well as pusoy dos games were done. Outside the booth, the kids-at-heart were playing Patintero. While some were busy playing and chatting, inaanak and I enaged in cam-whoring -- a great way to bond, it is! HAHA. You can check out the Alyssa-Bryan kind of bonding here. :))

The lantern flying segment entitled Sky Full Of Lighters concluded the CAS Fair 2011. I kind of "documented" my lantern flying experience since it's a first! An entry in my bucketlist, crossed out!

I asked Ivy to take a video of me while "letting go" of my lantern. For "documentation" purposes it is. Haha! Kidding aside, I had a bit of difficulty letting my lantern go. You see, in the video, Ivy bugged me to do just that. How could one let go of something one waited for so long to have? I remembered what the Bowler Hat Guy in Meet the Robinsons said: "Everyone will tell you to let it go and move on but don't! Instead, let it fester and boil inside you".

But I let go. Not because I am fed up with "it" boiling inside me but because I know it's for the best. I know the lantern would shine best once it's up in the sky along with the other lanterns. And besides, not letting it go would defeat its purpose. It's called flying lantern so it's programmed to fly, right? A mere three minutes of holding it in my hands is enough. It is always enough.

Flying lanterns, you really made my night.♥

Til next post!
Love always,