Monday, December 5, 2011

Fishtail Lovin'

So my everyday attire is plain and simple; I am seen in a shirt and a pair of jeans most of the time. It's easier for me to go around, do some errands and battle school  days wearing those. But on rare occasions (when I feel like it), I dress up, or should I say, at least break the monotony a shirt and pair of jeans give.

This Friday is of neither special nor rare occasion. Same same. However, I agreed to have an orgmate fix my hair. And voila, fishtail braids! I totally loved it and I wore it the whole day! Haha! Check it out.

It spruced up my look a bit. I even went to see the Mr. and Ms. Engmeet 2011 pageant with this. Now I am wishing for longer hair for longer fishtail braids! Yay! :)