Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The After-Four Years Block Dinner

When I saw my blockmate Nalie's blog post on her pregnancy, I kind of bugged Ielle, another blockmate to organize a little something for the soon-to-be mommy and her angel which could bring our other blockmates to participate. And so the endless SMS exchanges begin RE: Block dinner.

Taking into consideration our respective schedules, we decided to have it on a Wednesday (Dec14) at a quaint restaurant near Raymundo Gate -- Faustina's. Danica, Bea and Claire were the first ones to arrive while Ielle and I arrived a little past six o'clock in the evening. Antonio showed up a just before we made our orders. And so the chit chatting took its rightful place while we wait for our dinner to be served.

Hi, girls! :-*
L-R: Danica, yours truly, Ielle and Claire

The early birds, Bea and Danica


Hi, Antonio aka Tony! 


Oh, hello thurr, foooood! <3

Danica's Silindro Ribs

My Classic Crispy Bacon Alfredo and New York Iced Tea <3

Prince and Bernice arrived just when we're about to finish eating since they both had other matters to attend to. We finalized our plan of visiting Nalie on the 16th and just continued catching-up at Danica's and Bea's apartment. True enough, their housemate Angelo brought some bottles of lambanog and the Clebelro's (their apartment) annual Christmas party had just started. So we, too, partied the night away! I remember feeling hot and tipsy on my sixth shot of lambanog! But if I'm not mistaken, I got through fine with us drinking up to two 1.5L bottles of lambanog! Woohoo, life! :)

Hello, Bernice and Prince!
Blockmates! <3

Lambanog session at Clebelro

Take two!

With Claire and Prince

Fuuuun defined!
Was at the dorm a little after midnight, red-faced and dizzy. Thank you, Prince, for accompanying me to the dorm. Fuuuun night, it was! Thank you awesome blockmates! <3