Monday, March 19, 2012

Il Pirata

So second semester is already shedding its last days. Final exams, papers and other last minute requirements are taking its toll on us students. Amidst those, we or should I say I, never really give up on parties from time to time since it's the only thing that's keeping me sane from all of those academic shizz. Since it's March and yeah it's the season of organization induction balls in the state U, I chose to attend our org's induction party, Induction 2012: Cells Ahoy! last Friday at a private resort, despite the exams that are in line for me the week after.

Who would've thought I'll be a pirate for a night? I actually loved how my "costume" turned out given that I've prepared for this one less than a day before the actual event cos I'm still undecided to go. I hope I gave justice to this night's role right as a pirate. Teehee. So here's how my night went! :)

Salvi as Jack Sparrow and Gem as, ughh, pirate? Haha!

Buley, Salvi and Hannah. Batch '10s.

Lineage loves. Inaanaks Buley and Bryan.♥

With the newly-inducted org president, Wilkus as Captain Hook? Haha.

With Guada, another TVD co-fanatic. :)

Second sem buddies. :)

With Yen, my chika buddy. :)

The most decent solo picture I had that night. Hihi. All of these, I got from my closet except the red and black striped top and the boots courtesy of Yuri, another orgmate.

Most of us wore boots. Should I call this night Boot Night instead? :))

Got only a handful of picture cos I left the party a bit earlier than usual. Enjoyed the night, though! Thanks everyone for making my last (hopefully) Cells' induction ball as an undergraduate such a hit! And also, I would like to thank my org inaanaks (godchildren/mentees), Bryan and Buley for their tribute gift and letters! It made me cry and, ughh sniff. Haha! Would write about the tribute gift in another post, prolly a bit later! :)

Til next post!
XX, Pirate Alyssa