Friday, October 26, 2012

Another Physio Story

So we need fresh semen and urine samples for our Zoology 120 Animal Physiology laboratory class and our group was assigned to get herbivore samples. Being the only ones with no classes before our 10AM lab class, Danica and I agreed to meet someone from the Carabao Center who would assist us in gathering the samples we need. We arrived at the center around eight in the morning contrary to the 6AM calltime because Danica and I were afraid of the 10+ carabaos blocking the gate! Imagine the look on our faces when we saw those sharp and massive hoooorns! Good thing a tractor (?) passed by and without second thoughts, we said yes when the driver asked us if we want to jump in since he's going the same way as ours. And the rest is historyyyy! 

Here are some of the few pictures I managed to take since we're running late for claaaasss!

I don't really know what this is for. Maybe for weighing the feeds?

Haha he stuck out his tongue when I aimed to take a picture! Cute!

The carabao from which the urine sample was taken. Thank you, buddy!

Carabaos at the center have ear IDs each for proper identification and monitoring.

The long and winding road to Carabao Center!

Hello, Danica!

My lakwachera shoes yay!

Breathtaking view!

The semen samples given to us were already in tubes so I don't really know how they acquired it from the carabaos. Just a tip, if you're getting semen samples, you might want to bring with you a jug full of ice so that you can place the tubes of semen there, especially if what you're going to examine in the lab is sperm motility. As for the urine samples, a wide-mouthed bottle or container will do. :-)