Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beautiful Strangers

During my flight to Tokyo last summer, I met Rina (if I remember it right); she occupied the seat on my right. She's working in a cruise ship in Venice and she's on her way there. I even became her watchman when she slid the airline's pillow into her bag. Haha crazy, I know.

Then when I was in Tokyo Tower, I met a fellow Filipino who's touring with his American bosses. He said they're in Tokyo for a seminar and that day was their free day.

When I was at the boarding gate for my flight back to Manila, I met a twenty-something Filipina in black, whose reason for filing a leave in her school in California was her father's death. I was dumbstruck. I can't find the right words to say, so I just gave her my condolences. She even told me, "See you na lang, whenever. Enjoy your flight." with a smile cos we needed to part ways for our seats were far from each other. 

During the flight, I had a forty-plus woman for a seatmate. She was from Canada and she said the airport where she came from was very cool. We had a little chat while eating the complimentary ice cream from JAL; she was like my mother in the plane haha. And she was amazed that I was a college undergrad then; she thought I was a brave high school student who's travelling all by herself.

A typical Monday afternoon, I was travelling to Los Banos cos my classes for that certain semester don't start until Tuesday. I had a seatmate and he started telling me stories when he was still studying in UP Diliman. We even talked about frats. He had one at law school.

Sometime in November last year, I was walking along Greenbelt 3 on my way to my Jap school when my sandals broke. The guard from Hermes was kind enough to let me sit on his post. He even helped me fix my sandals, it didn't made it, though. A classmate from the same Jap school whom I barely knew then ( I just got her number the other day), fetch me with a pair of Hello Kitty slippers in hand she bought at Ministop cos it's only minutes before nine in the morning and the malls were still closed.

And last Monday I met new strangers courtesy of my friends from Jap school. But now they're strangers no more. We're even Facebook friends now after sharing a sumptuous lunch at Mesa and coffee at CBTL haha! Hello ex-strangers! :)

I may have no luck with boys, but I got lotsa luck when it comes to strangers coming my way. May the good heavens continuously bless my path with them beautiful strangers. :)