Monday, March 7, 2016


I'm so ecstatic to tell you guys that finally, I'm on a proper work break!!! By proper, I mean paid leave and me not contracting influenza A, pneumonia or any sickness for that matter except from mild colds! *fingers crossed* But yeah, I'm feeling like I'm walking on sunshine, whoa oh~

This just means two things: (1) I'll be having ample time to sleep; and (2) I'll be having lots of chances to catch up on my long-abandoned hobbies and other thingamajigs I've acquired for the past year (which are left unused still)!

So pumped up for what the next days will bring me! I hope I really get to be productive this time! My 2-week project is still brewing but I'll be posting about it here soon, so watch out! :)

Wish me luck!

The Pseudo-amnesiac

P.S. I kinda missed writing non-themed and random posts like this! More to come in my Mind Fart series! *kisses*