Tuesday, May 10, 2011


They say insensitivity is bad but that didn’t stop me from choosing it than to feed my emotions and add weight to my baggages. And come to think of it, being insensitive, at some point prevents you from being lured into the idea that there could be something. It somehow pulls you out of the vast sea of assumptions; it draws a line between that sea and the shore of the known, though thin (but hey at least there’s a line). It’s kind of an “easy way out”. However, there are times, just like now that I wish I had been a paper spilled on with huge blotches of sensitivity. I wish my neurons had allow myself to feel it all so much even though it might hurt. I wish I was sensitive enough to know that there really is nothing, so as not for the agony be prolonged. I would’ve get up quickly. I would’ve been covered with less mud. I would’ve been able to walk away readily. I would’ve..