Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yet Another Mad Woman's Post

Move on. Let go. Just but words that when mentioned, give most people that gloomy fucked-up feeling. Maybe it’s because most of us, given this age, have been knocked down by love even once or for heaven knows how many.

Move on. Let go. A mainstay on the to-do list of each and everyone who had their hearts broken. When those will be crossed out is the hardest part of the conundrum.

Move on. Let go. Most of the time, they’re the basic sentences giving the very structure of a friend’s sympathy speech right after the crash and as the days, nights, months advance, it turns into a seemingly repititive and never-ending sermon because they think you still haven’t learned a thing (when in fact you’re perfectly aware but you just feel tired of everything that had happened so you just go on with the flow).

Move on. Let go. People use it so often that made me appreciate it lesser now than before. It led me thinking that maybe there are no such things, and instead only people who’ve had their hearts in bandaids being accustomed to the situation: of being unattached, of feeling numb. Maybe they are made to raise our hopes up that we can still go back to the way we were, to the way our old selves were. Are people that irreversible?

I don’t know if I can proudly cross those two things in my list already. What I’m sure of is that I’m okay, be it because either I’m accustomed to this situation or I’ve really moved on and let go. But as what I’ve told you earlier in this post, I am having second thoughts on their existence. So that leaves me to the other side of the coin. And I think as of the moment, being okay is what really matters.

Maybe the answer to this predicament is for me to erase “move on” and “let go” in my to-do list and replace it with “be okay” and “buy cotton candy” instead. Watcha think? :-)