Sunday, February 26, 2012

14th of February

I know I've been missing-in-action for the past weeks. The blow of acad stuff and org events was massive this February, it actually got me crippled. Haha. Kidding. But yes, I was all sorts of busy, or maybe it was my intention to, since you know, it's freaking February and I don't freaking have a date!

But lo and behold, before I knew it, I'm already on my way to Chubby Habbi's Mediterranean Grill for a Valentine's dinner with my blockmates! :)

Girls I love! Danica, Claire, yours truly, Larue, and Bea ♥

Wore this top cos of its red heart patch. All for V-day. 

Chubby Habbi's Menu
Had some good laugh while waiting for our fooood!
Claire, Danica and meee!

Chicken Kabab

Shawarma Plate

Krispy Kreme c/o Bea ♥

Goofing around :)

After making our tummies happy, we decided to go inside the campus to check the UPLB Feb Fair 2012 out. We met another blockmate there, Prince. :)

Saw Faith (in white)  at the fair, too! :)
Hi, Ate Yummy (in floral top)! :)

Thanks to my block mates, I had a wonderful V-day. Who said V-days are only for couples? Naaah.
How's yours? :)