Monday, February 27, 2012

All Laced Up

Since my Feb 14th was spent with my ever loving blockmates, the next day was reserved for my two org "inaanaks", Bryan and Avril. We agreed to have an early dinner at Pizza Hut, Olivares Plaza since Bryan got 7-10pm dance practice for his other dance org.

So the endless chit-chatting and picture taking begins like we've never seen each other for the longest time everrrr! Haha!

Oh how they grew up so fast. Bryan's been a member of our org for more than a year now. Avril, on the other hand, has been a member for three months, I think. And oh, did I mention that I looooove these two? ♥

Let's cut off the cheesiness up to this part in here. Haha. So after dinner, I found myself roaming around  Freedom Park-- it's UPLB Feb Fair Day 3! :) There I met with Bea, Danica and Claire. Bea launched BagNet's very first canvass bag collection at their org's booth at the fair. I bought the bag with the "ooh" print. Bea was kind enough to give a handmade bracelet from The Vintage Shop for the first five buyers! Double treat! :) Since we've got nothing to do but roam around, we decided to, yeah, roam around with the canvass bags on our arms and persuade people to buy those! Sales talk, it is! :)

On a lighter note, here's what I wore. All laced up for the 15th since I feel like it's still Valentine's Day. Shots were taken at Binalot Grill by Yen Ramos. Thank you! <3

Pink and white polka sheer top with lace sleeves, Xoxo white lace short (though cannot be clearly seen), White flats (also not seen), Mustard sling bag from Unlimited Collections, Owl necklace bought online, and Ribbon ring from Pop Culture, Trinoma