Monday, February 27, 2012

Friday in Polaroids

Fast forward to Friday, the second to the last day of the UPLB Feb Fair 2012. And yes, I was determined to stay up until I can since some of our acad organization's (UP Cell Biological Society) alumni came over. It's been some kind of a tradition already that they visit us even once a year, minus the org events; just plain and pure fun. :)

And oh, talking of tradition. I managed to get a henna tattoo. I've been getting one since I had my first Feb Fair experience back in 2008. So here's what I got for this fair and hopefully the last one I'll be getting as an undergraduate student. Why wings? Because I am one of the many dreamers who want to fly, literally and figuratively.

I also went to my other org's booth at the fair. I've been a member of the UP Gawad Kalinga-Los Banos, a soci-civic organization, for more than three years now. And not for once did I regret joining and having my hands dirtied from helping in building other people's homes because I know that by doing that, we are also helping them fulfill their dreams. 

Tsaraaaaan, our booth at the fair! :)

Can you spot my naaaame? :)

Hi, Kane! :) Just so you know, she's our org president and my batchmate, too! :)

Some of my sisses at UP Gawad Kalinga- Los Banos. :)

After spending some time at the Gawad Kalinga booth, I then went back to the UP Cells booth to bond with the alumni and the resident members alike. Our brods serenaded us with a cake in hand as a post Valentine's Day gift. Sweet, eh? ♥ We also watched the local band Mayonnaise and the fireworks display courtesy of Enchanted Kingdom. Fuuuuun Fridaaaaay! :)

UP Cells brods and sisses♥

With Keatre, the one who fondly calls me his "favorite kapatid ever". :)

Hello, Allen and Demy! :)

While waiting for Mayonnaise to come up on stage. Hi, Yen and Bona! :)

The sweetest brods! ♥


Last but not the least, the pseudo outfit shot! :)
P.S. Sorry for the oily face and crazy hair. Haha.

White sheer top, Never Been Kissed printed shorts, Robinson's Department Store belt,  Tomato dark blue shoulder bag, and Lips necklace from Trendphile Manila.