Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Along Central

These past few weeks, I spent most of my time standing in the smelly, crowded confines of the Light Rail Transit, walking to and fro the busy streets of Central and waiting for hours in line for my exit clearance at the Bureau of Immigration. But those aren't the highlights of me being there. These are.

See that Cory Aquino tarp? It's a replica of the new Post Office stamp. One thing I loved about my Central trips is this scene, or the fountain rather. 
Weird as it may sound but I'm attracted to theaters though I haven't been in here even once.  Mysterious.

Whenever I need some caffeine fix, I run here. However, Kuya barista doesn't seem to get my name's spelling right. "Alysa", "Alyzza", and "Allysa" always end up written in my cup.

Whenever I feel so tired of processing my exit clearance, I hold onto this.  It's as if I get recharged or something. 

Processing my exit clearance hands-on isn't that bad after all, somehow.