Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tick Tock

I am not used to me being this preoccupied and all; last time I checked it was when I had my first ever major breakup two summers ago. But since that day in the laboratory that we were presented with the deadlines of the remaining scientific papers, as well as oral report, paper defense and exam dates, that I came to acknowledge the presence of pressure; that pressure has already entered my system and that that pressure is inversely proportional to time. It's as if pressure took growth vitamins that it grew into a giant bean stalk ala Jack and Jill, hindering the me carrying a time bomb of some sort from getting to the other side, graduation.

Time is shedding its skin so fast that I am at a loss keeping track. I am wishing for this semester be extended but I know, we all know it'll never gonna be. And since I cannot bargain with time to slow down a bit, might as well do all I can, carry on and nail the days left.

I wish I can. I hope I can.

I don't want another heartbreak.