Saturday, September 15, 2012

Room 405

One of the many typical Wednesdays at Zoo120: Animal Physiology laboratory.

I think I'm spending a lot of hours in this lab room than required that I am gradually loving everything in it: the reagent storage room, the little fume hood, the dirty sink, the whiteboard tables, the kymograph... oh I can go on and on. But what I'm loving the most is the seemingly never-ending exchange of random musings with  my table-mates. I knew the first day of classes that I was meant to sit in that chair near the door and the blackboard, with you group two. :-)

Young jackfruit roots


pH strips


Blood Typing


RBC and WBC Diluting Pipettes


Frog peripheral capillaries

Our import from group 1, Jaime and Krishia. Laaab.♥

P.S. Wala akong picture sa lab! -____- Di bale I still have less than a month to have one. :-)