Friday, November 2, 2012

Missing Innocence

I rummaged my way to my Multiply site, clicking the "Forgot password" tab a couple of times. Good thing I was able to recover my password. Seeing the once familiar faces in my photo albums, feeling the once familiar emotions in my blog entries, I can't help but trace my way back. There's always something in the past that is so tempting, like chocolates hidden beneath your bed.

That first out of town trip with friends. That first school party. That first night sleeping far away from home. That first concert you attended. That first crush. That first emotional breakdown. That first self pity.

Maybe what I'm missing is the innocence that comes with being young. The innocence of the people around me. And my innocence, as well. Often, I think of my innocence as a dandelion puff swaying in the breeze. I am the dandelion, and parts of me are withered as other people's breeze breathe through me.

And I just watch it float and fade away.