Sunday, November 4, 2012

Same Old Whiskey Morning

Home from Ali's birthday weekend at Northfields (separate entry on this), I'm back to that same old routine of social networking, doodling paisleys and whatnots in my planner-slash-diary, drinking coffee whatever the time is, checking my phone for messages but only replying at times or not at all, daydreaming and wishing I was blah blah blah.

That somehow summarizes my "sembreak", though technically I'm not on a semestral break because I just graduated. (Yey! *insert fireworks here*) And I didn't even bother to look for a job cos my mother wants me to study Nihongo and classes will start tomorrow which explains the "I'm on a sembreak" high I'm having, I guess?

Less than a day before school starts (again) and my to-do list is unaccomplished still. Hello, unproductive life at home. What makes this worse is the alluring alcohol shelf which I see every friggin' time I look out the kitchen window. Geez, temptations.

I am a good girl. I am a good girl. *repeat til fade*

Now Playing: Miranda Albert's Same Old You (where I got the entry title haha)