Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nihongo Three Days a Week

I've been MIA for the past days and it's all because of Japanese language school and some side trips to Los Banos for my college clearance. I thought having graduated means full eight hours (or more) of sleep , less stress, lotsa parties and free time for leisure but boy I was wrong! My eyebags are becoming evident than it ever was when I'm in my last college semester and my sleep ranges from one to four hours everyday since I started school again last last week.

But having learned interesting things about Nihongo and Japan as a whole, all the stress of waking up at four in the morning, commuting from Bulacan to Makati via bus and MRT for my 9AM class, walking the streets of Ayala, reading and writing Hiragana and Katakana syllables.. it's all worth it, especially when you're with people with whom you share a thing or two in common. Learning became more of a challenge than a burden. :)

So early for my class! Haha!

Morning ritual

3rd floor lobby

Room 5. Sensei in blue.

Origami in our classroom :)

These are but a few photos. Will post more when I get to bring my camera, maybe after the dreaded midterms on the first week of December! Yep, we have midterms and finals. Feels like I'm still in college! :))