Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Winter Vista Illumination 2013

I've been living in Tokyo for seven months now and ever since I set foot here, I'm looking forward to going to a lot of places I've never been to before whenever I come here for vacations. However, there's one in my list of to-go-to places that I've already been to but I still want to visit: Showa Kinen National Park. Why? It's because I want to witness one of the main events held in the city of Tachikawa during December, the Winter Vista Illumination. And I'm glad I was able to see it for the first time this year! Here are a some snapshots I took before my camera's battery got drained out. :-)

Park entrance

Christmas tree made of glasses

Look! In the glasses were written notes, probably by Japanese children


Live band


More pop-up food stores

Light Maze

Illuminator Tree

Fantasia Train
300 yen per ride

I really enjoyed this night despite the numbing of my fingers and toes due to the cold December breeze. I'll definitely go back next year. ♥