Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

I've been meaning to check out and try Vanilla Cupcake Bakery for weeks now. Since its Glorietta opening late last year, I always peek into the tempting shelf lined with various sorts of wonderful-looking, mouthwatering cupcakes and cookies. Last Monday, Gen accompanied me to the dainty cupcake store for some dose of Red Velvet (my favorite!!!) after our Nihongo class but it was out of stock. So I ended up just coming home straight. But I think the stars were on my side today. I was able to get one of the four remaining Red Velvet cupcakes! Yay! 

So here's a visual tour of the little cupcake haven I discovered in the busy aisles of Glorietta. I swear the interiors were nicely done and the lightings were so good which makes it an awesome photo op venue! Check out the pastel-colored couches, silhouette chairs, mini tea sets, lamps, wooden spoons and-- just check out everything!  :-)

I ordered Red Velvet (of course!), Masami, another classmate, ordered Banana Cream Cheese Cupcake and Gen picked Mango Panna Cotta. Yuuuum!

Still waiting for Masami to send me the pictures she took so that I can update this post. Wish I brought a better camera along.  I'm definitely going back! <3 <3 <3