Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lights Changing Colour


I'm back in my room-slash-own-world from my Los Banos visit. I must be really happy during my two days and one night stay there (though I often deny and say I don't even miss the place haha) that I can immensely feel today's dullness. 

These days, I associate myself with Flower Boy Next Door's Go Dok Mi, a twenty-ish woman who finds complete solace in the walls of her apartment just by herself. I kind of figured out how get by the days alone, thanks to our speedy internet connection and Asian dramas. However, there are times, often when I'm trying to get myself to sleep, that my mind presents me this dilemma: Should I enjoy my remaining months here in the country and go out as often as I can with my friends or just stay at home and spend time with my grandparents and a nanny? The latter would save me money and spare me a bit from sadness in parting when the time comes, I think. Ahh, I don't know. I must solve this soon.

For the time being, hello, Stars and old school pancakes with sugar and milk.