Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Heart Box: Rikochet

I was a regular Cartoon Network watcher years ago and was fond of iMucha Lucha!. That's the reason I got Rikochet as my code name for you when we're in high school. We were classmates for four solid years. And we were on the same club: CAT Corps of Cadets and Cadettes. I got an eye for you in sophomore year, when we're doing the dummy newspaper project for our English class. However, you and a girl from our class were getting it on, so yeah. Maybe proximity's to be blamed eh?

You broke up and for some reason you sort of diverted your attention towards me- for the remaining years in high school and even the early parts of college, even when I got myself my first boyfriend. I never really understood you and why you did the things you did for me. Or perhaps, I never tried. But seeing the fancy wrapper of the yellow tulip and the Nicholas Sparks book you gave me for Valentines' Day in 2007, the little  sky blue box which housed the silver necklace with a heart-shaped pendant on it that you personally gave me for Christmas 2006, the CD you burned for me with my picture on the case, the numerous letters you wrote for me, the cards, some of it handmade that you've sent me.. Seeing those again while rummaging into the heart box I kept all these years.. as what you've told me, you really had a place in your heart for me.

Back then I wasn't able to grasp what you're relaying. I sucked at pass the message games, even until now. But I guess I can connect the dots, however it's blurry. Though it's many years late, a thank you won't hurt, right?

Thank you, Rikochet. May you live well.